Long Island Iced Tea Corp.’s (NASDAQ:LTEA) Reveals Newest Strategy


Long Island Iced Tea Corp. (NASDAQ:LTEA), a producer of ready-to-drink and flavored iced teas based in Long Island, New York has partnered with Big Geyser for the distribution of its alcohol-free beverages. Big Geyser is the largest distributor of non-alcoholic products in New York.

Products of Long Island Iced Tea Corp. Available for Distribution

Long Island’s products are composed of their two most popular brands: The Original Long Island Brand Iced Tea and The Original Long Island Brand Lemonade. These are premium beverages with non-GMO ingredients. It also has its ALO Juice, a premium drink made with Aloe Vera. The company keeps its objective of selling products in the “better-for-you” category in the beverage business.

The contract with Big Geyser constitutes the exclusive distribution of the products of Long Island Iced Tea Corp. (NASDAQ:LTEA) particularly its premium iced tea and lemonade. The contract begins on April 24, 2017. The products will be distributed to 5 cities of New York, namely, New York City, Nassau, Putnam, Suffolk, and Westchester.

What Is Big Geyser and What It Can Do to Long Island Iced Tea Corp?

Big Geyser started a business in New York in 1986 and had been building brands ever since. Irving Hershkowitz founded the company and is a legend in New York beverage market.  Starting small Big Geyser has transformed into one of the biggest distributors of premium alcohol-free drinks and snacks in New York.

According to CEO Philip Thomas of Long Island Iced Tea Corp. (NASDAQ:LTEA), this partnership with Big Geyser will help them reach their goal of increasing their exposure to metro New York market. Big Geyser could assist them to reach more doors and would allow them to build their brands more. His goal of bringing their premium drinks to more consumers in the New York area is possible with Big Geyser on their side.