3 Reasons Why You Should Target Biotech For Investment


If you invest in the stock market, you might want to include investing in companies engaged in biotechnology such as Illumina (NASDAQ:ILMN), Roche (OTCMKTS:RHHBY) and Pacific Biosciences of California (NASDAQ:PACB). There are three good reasons why you should consider investing in Biotech stocks.

Reasons Why You Should Also Invest in Biotech Companies

1. Science is always in search of the best treatment for many diseases like cancer. Although there are many cancer drugs available in the market at present, these drugs currently cannot cure cancer completely. The best available drugs now can only affective with certain illnesses at the rate of 20 to 30 percent.

2. You can also consider demographics. Fifteen percent of the US population and 8 percent of the world’s population are people ageing 65 and older. These figures are bound to increase to 20 percent and 12 percent respectively by the year 2030. If you look at the statistics, this particular population will grow to more than 370 million people worldwide. Thus, the need for the best healthcare will escalate. Biotech companies like Illumina (NASDAQ:ILMN), Roche (NASDAQOTH:RHHBY) and Pacific Biosciences of California (NASDAQ:PACB) could be at the forefront of this demand.

3. No matter what the state of the world’s economy, even in the event of a recession, the need for healthcare will not diminish. People in all walks of life will still be dependant on healthcare. They will continue to need medicines and drugs to cure whatever ailment they may experience. In an economy that is struck by the recession, people will still go to their doctors and get prescription medicines.

These three biotech industries, Illumina (NASDAQ:ILMN), Roche (OTCMKTS:RHHBY) and Pacific Biosciences of California (NASDAQ:PACB), appear be continuing make consistent progress in the field of drug production. They are now focusing their studies on targeting genetic changes that target individuals more directly.