America’s Changing Belief About Marijuana and Marijuana Stocks


Marijuana is always in hot contention. Many have been appealing to make it legal and for it to be used to cure certain diseases. However, the use of cannabis has not yet gained the approval of proper authorities. So, it remains illegal and even with its medical benefits coming to light.

Result of Survey Showing Americans’ Changing Views About Marijuana

Gallup, an American research company and a poll-making body, garnered polls yearly for the last 50 years regarding the opinion of the public about the legalization of pot. Last year, 60 percent of the respondents wanted weed to be approved for legal and medical use. It is 35 percent higher from the time it started the poll in 1995. It was also the year when California first legalized the use of medical marijuana for compassionate reasons.

Yahoo News and Marist Poll conducted a study entitled “Weed and the American Family.” The result of the survey showed how Americans’ view marijuana has evolved. The following are some of the findings:

  1. 52 percent of the respondents have tried marijuana
  2. 83 percent support the legalization
  3. 49 percent would like to legalize recreational use
  4. 56 percent think pot is an acceptable practice
  5. 76 percent claim that tobacco is more dangerous than pot
  6. 72 percent consider alcohol as more dangerous than weed
  7. 47 percent believe that medical marijuana, if legalized, should also be prescribed to children
  8. Average Age of people who have tried pot is 17.9 years old

Included also in the study of Yahoo and Marist was the changing view of Americans on investing in companies engaged in the production of medical marijuana. The majority of the respondents answered in the “yes” to the questions of whether they approve or disapprove their banks investing in these type companies. The other issue is about retirement funds being invested in companies involved in the production and distribution of weed.